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Congratulations to Noraaizah Matlin

We're the OP (Me & Gidong)

Hello everybody...hehehe...*sorry bah sebab lama inda update blog nie wekekewke...I was so busy with work and some other business lately...huh...*paham2 lah...mau cari duit tambahan bah...At the same time, my blog got some problem due to hosting problem...So, to fix this problem, I need some time to settle it down...Owh ya, for your information, from this moment, my blog will be more to graphical looks which means I will be posting more photos than writing about something...hehehe...So, as for the starting, photos above are some of my shots during Noraizah and Syahrum wedding reception at Pasir Puteh, Putatan, Sabah...

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  1. yippi2..

    btw, kamu masih punya portofolio lain bob?

    penasaran dengan style fotography wedding/pre nya style malay :)


  2. dedee--->cuma di sini bro....lewat sini aja...semua photo2 ku siar lewat blog ini aja