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A candid snap from Jimy

Stop for a while to cool down my car..

My fender got hit by unknown vehicle...****Kalo sia tau sepa yang kasih mimik nie fender kereta sia...sia sigung2 kapala dia...Suspected area are near KRK and at the Juta Hotel's Carpark...

Stop for a while somewhere near the Moyog area..****Sia ngah kasih basah brake bai nie

Cooling down the engine....huhuhu

Driving from Keningau to KK really tiring..Need to drive along the hill and the "selekoh2" for hours...Yes, I admit, I often traveling like this and if I got choice to choose Flight and Land Traveling, I rather choose to take flight...The risk still the same but using flight is more efficient and fast...but what to do, no flight available for Keningau and Tambunan... :(....
As you all can see my car's fender got hit by an unknown vehicle...**Kimik bah...kimbetss.....Just realized it when I sent my car to the nearest car accessories shop to check my brake system.....***DALAM HATI SIA, I'LL REMEMBER YOU KENINGAU...muahahahahah
We stop near the Moyog Village area to cool down our car's engine and brake...While waiting for the brake and the engine cool, me and my colleague take this opportunity to take some snaps...

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  1. ayoyo... why you 'siram' your break?... that is the worse thing to do... 'bingkuk' itu besi break... lagi hangkang...

    when going long downhill, try not to use break... use engine break... use 2nd or 3rd gear kah so that the car slows down by the engine... then only kurang pakai break... baru OK OK...

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  3. swordie----->hehehe..yakah..mataina.....nasib baru satu kali sia siram....ya..I also use the engine brake...orang bilang main gear bah..tapi, still burn lah itu brake bro....heheheh

    Sean e------->ok ok...later I check that petition okie...

  4. yakah... ko ada try 1st gear?... kalu inda slow juga... lain kali ko try R pula... :LOL:

  5. swordie----->doi adakah pakai R...trus2 jatuh engine sia nanti tu wakakakaka