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Owhh..I hate pimples... :(

Smile always make me happy

huhuhuh...hallo there...

I like this pic...hahahah

"Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan"....wakakaka

Happy Children...muhahaha

What happen to my face expression ????

I got a call from my friend, Mr. Arteo...He called me to invite me for a lunch..hahahaha...*ok sija sia bilang....At first, we decided to take our lunch at Wisma Merdeka cos' Arteo need to take his new glasses somewhere around there..erm...I told him that normally there will be jam over there, so I asked him to choose another place..He reply me that he don't know any other place, so, I suggest him to eat "Ngau Chap Menggatal" at Menggatal town..I also suggest him that also invite Mr. Gidong cos' Gidong also near that area...He agreed. At about 12.30pm, Mr. Arteo fetched me at my office and drove to Sepanggar to fetch Gidong. After that we went to the mentioned place to eat that Ngau Chap..Took around half an hour to finish our lunch...After lunch time, we decided to take few portrait photos at the back of that Ngauchap's shop and we also decided to do a photo shooting at Karambunai Golf Resort..hahaha...You all can see some of the pictures above.

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  1. uisehh...padan oo kamu 2 urang...bagai pinang digelek steamroll..muhahahaha

  2. leofantasia----->jgn jelos bah bro...duiii...wakakakakakaka....

  3. macam iklan Peter Styvesant Travel woo..

  4. jedireds----->hahahaha..peter styvesent lagi tu...bukan perilys ka bro hahahhaa