<< So BusY NoW >>

So sorry everyone for not updating my blog as early as before...busy bah...With my health condition which I can say not in a good condition, I also surrounded by my "Workaholic" environment..Now, I'm too stressed..I have few projects that still pending and not finished yet..I don't know to whom should I blame..My boss maybe or other department...arghh...so stressed...Our Performance Evaluation will be held next week as my turn will be interview by our Director's PA...*mati lai nie...harap2 boleh lepas...dapat juga naik gaji and pangkat....need to pray to god lah...So, now..I just do the best for me....Still seeking previous emails where I considered it as my black and white proof..On the other hand, I also stressed up when another department give me another big project..A new office is in progress somewhere in Sibu..So, I was choosed by the management to look after the progress and make a report for it..Actually they need me to survey about the IT related devices and hardwares only for that new office..but since I will be conducting the same area..so they gave me this and that...aduiii...paning ehhhh..well..anyhow, anyway..semualah...I will be busy for few more weeks....*sob..sob**sob...**