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*HEADLINES ON 28/03/2008

100 made homeless in fire

Kota Kinabalu: An estimated 100 people were left homeless after fire razed nine houses to the ground in Kampung Nounlod in Inanam Laut near here Wednesday.

Four fire engines with some 30 personnel from Sembulan, Penampang and Lintas fire stations rushed to the scene on being alerted at about 6.28pm.

Swift action to control the raging blaze by the firemen managed to avert bigger damage due to the closely-knit houses in the village.

It was believed that the fire started at the house of Rabianah Mogitum, 35 who was staying there with her husband and their six children.

Both Rabianah and her husband were not at home at the time of the incident but they were told that the fire started from the upper floor of the house.

All the victims said they did not manage to save their personal belongings and important documents as the fire engulfed the houses quickly.

One of the victims, Norsi Santarik, 26 said she was staying in the house together with her nine siblings and parents but they could only retrieve some of their belongings in time.

Her father, Santarik, 48 who is working as a sweeper at City Hall said most of the items such as electrical appliances were only recently purchased via instalments that went up in smoke.

Another victim, Rozie Jamaluddin, 16 panicked instead of saving the real copy of her personal documents she took the photocopied ones.

Inanam Assemblyman, Johnny Goh who was at the scene assured that emergency assistance would be given to the victims.

Some of the kampung folk claimed that the fire was sparked by lightning but the Fire and Rescue Department are still investigating the cause and cost of the fire.

*My comments : Hurmmm....so sad to hear things like this....apa bulih buat...nasi sudah jadi bubur...we just pray for them lah

Man hurt after falling from KK Plaza

Kota Kinabalu: A man in his 20s was seriously injured after falling from the second floor of KK Plaza here Wednesday night.

According to a security guard at the shopping mall, the victim was earlier seen entering a video games arcade together with another two guys at about 8pm.

Based on their behaviour, they were believed to be intoxicated.

Witnesses claimed that about one hour later two of the men suddenly climbed the railings and ran on the roof of the second floor.

On realising his companions had left, the victim identified as Jackson Ismail tried to chase them but he fell to the ground when the roof gave way.

The victim was taken to the hospital by paramedics.

*My Comments : This is a silly and dumb atittude...kalo mabuk baliklah...jangan mau lari sana sini....apalah...

Ghapur has quit post?

Kota Kinabalu: Speculation is rife that Federal Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Datuk Seri Abdul Ghapur Salleh, has resigned from the post.

Daily Express received numerous calls from members of the public to verify talk to this effect.

When contacted, aides confirmed but insisted that Ghapur should be the right person to ask.

However, Ghapur who is Kalabakan MP, could not be reached for comments. His wife Datin Seri Norsuadah Hj Basah, when contacted in Kuala Lumpur, said: "I don't know".

Then, after a pause, she inquired as to who the source of the information was.

*My Comments : No comment for this article..There must be something right..If not, why he quited from that post...huhuhuhu..tia tau tia tau