<< MisS SaBah WorLd 2008 >>

Miss Rounnah (***Masuk juga kazen sia...hahaha..congrats ya beb..chaoyo..chaoyoo)--->please refer to my previous post

Georgina Harris (***For you Gina, congrats also...melumpat2 lah si Ferr tu kalo dia tau ko masuk final...hahaha)

Former Unduk ngadau 2006 Queen Miss Devenna Jaacob (Jaikob)

Miss Kimberly

Miss Lynna Chua

Miss Queeny liew

Annie Lee

Miss Madelyn

Miss Albsah

Miss Emily

Miss Sabah World 2008 selection was held today where a total of 15 contestant were selected to compete for the Miss Sabah World 2008. I have all 15 contestants photos however i do not have their name with me. So i will only post their Photos here and perhaps my lovely visitor can help me to identify them one by one by leaving comment on this post okey?.--by Mr Benny Liew

**Credit goes to http://bennyliew.com