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Stacy - No One -(Alicia Keys)
Faisal - Satu Kiblat Yang Sama (Rabbani)
Toi - Pagi Yang Gelap (Hujan)
Riz - Ketulusan Hati (Anuar Zain)
Stanly - You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)
Naim - Memburu Rindu (Hattan)
Alif - Sayang Sayang (Aliff Aziz)
Nubhan - Ruang Rindu (Letto)
Saida - Terlalu Cinta (Rossa)
Nadia - Rindu (Hetty Koes Endang)
Lutfya - Engkar (Bunga)
Ika - Umbrella (Rihanna) / Changed to Kesetiaan (Siti Sarah)
Yana - Diriku Tapak Sulaiman (Elyana)
Rina - Simply The Best (Tina Turner)

Ok you all, tonight we'll see who will deserve to be in this competition...Tonight will be the prelude concert for those 14 contestants...I cannot judge them or give any comment/s yet cos' everything will be base on tonight's performance..But my instinct will go to our SABAHAN, Stacy with her own song choice, NO ONE origanally sang by Alicia Keys.....