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Brooke White — “Let It Be”
Her performance really blew me up..Yes, she can sing..even though she got limited voice scale, but, I still like her performance..Keep up da gud work Brooke

Carly Smithson — “Come Together”
A controversial contestant for previous season..Carly really deserved to be in Top 10 in this competition...She sang good..

Amanda Overmyer — “You Can’t Do That”
A rockin' natural person, Amanda Overmyer..She also did the best last nite...

The Top 12 contestants of American Idol in this 2008 season

Last nite was the performance for 12 contestants of American Idol Season 7. From my point of view, I choose only 3 contestants who gave the best shot for their performance. Well, different people got their own opinion, so, this is my opinion for the best performance last nite.