<< OutStatiOn TriP To SarAwaK >>

Still awake at this time..My laptop's clock showed at 11.00pm sharp..edeiiiii...Just finished doing my things just now...Doing my appraisal form and tomorrow I also need to finish up few more things in the office before leave to Sarawak for outstation....This time, I will stay in Kuching for 5 days and Sibu for 2 days...**To bro Jr, sorry, I cannot come to your bbq this coming Saturday...My flight will be on 11th Apr 2008 (Friday)...so sorry....maybe next time kan...huhuhuh...Oklah, for me..I put my work at the first place....I admit that..and for sure most of you did the same....

Some overviews regarding my outstation trip to Sarawak are as below :-

-Illegal software's Spot Check
-Support (Maintenance and servicing ---->only for hardware...) for few sites
-New server implementation
- Gather Internet Connection Information

- Networking
-PC arrangement
-CCTV implementation and CCTV's server Installation
-Supervising new office renovation progress

**Am I workaholic??? I'm blurred...hahahahaha......will be back to KK on 17th April 2008....