<< LisTs Of SonG FoR 4th AF6 ConCerT >>

ALIF - Come Out And Play (Offspring)
FAISAL - Joget Bunga Melati - Halil Chit
SAIDA - Hati Kama (Datuk Siti Nurhaliza/Noraniza Idris)
NADIA - Mengapa Di RIndu (Saloma)
RINA - Terbang Helang (Datuk Sharifah Aini)
STACY - Cinta Terlarang (New Song...syabas..bravo girl....kami sukung kau)
TOI - Lauk Ku Cukup Masin (Spider)
NUBHAN - Cinta Hampa (D'lloyd)
RIZ - Marabahaya (Pop Shuvit)
STANLY - Kasih Tercipta (Faizal Tahir)

*This week, we'll see a history in Akademi Fantasia Competition..After 3 weeks and 3 concerts, Stacy delivered a very good performances and it was a really thumb up performances. As we know in previous concerts or previous seasons, NO AF STUDENTS got NEW SINGLE SONG.....in weekly concert..Only use to have it in FINALS...huhuhu...but different with Stacy's condition....Only after 3 concerts, she deserved to get a new single song...whoohoooo...*syabas Stacy.....Few things that you people out there need to know about Stacy's specialities....

1) When she start to sing, she can feel the song very well and this really attract the audiences...
2) She got a really big voice range
3) Pretty and attractive
4) Down to earth person
5) She got confident