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Devenna Jaikob, standing proudly after being announced as the winner for Miss Sabah World 2008

Congratulation Devenna...**ko mimang buli

Devenna and Kimberly

Crowned by Debra Former Winner of Miss Malaysia World 2007

From left: Joanne Kimberly, Devenna Jaikob, Audrey

From left: Rounnah, Kimberly,Devenna,Audrey and emily

This event was on Saturday night..on 19th of April and held at Magellan Sutera Harbour...I have my ticket with me which sponsored by my aunt..Thanks aunt but so sorry I can't managed to attend the final last saturday night...My sorry also goes to my cousin Ms. Rounnah Beb Robert...and congratulation also...eventhough you are at the 4th place, it was ok...and you still young bah....go and cuba lagi next time ya....huhuhhu....Congratulations also to all the winner especially to Devenna Jaicob....*ko lah jadi wakil Sabah nie...hehehe....

*Credits goes to Benny Liew (Sa pinjam lu gambar ko kio...sa tidak dapat pi tu malam bah hehehe)....For more info, please visit his website at http://bennyliew.com