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*Gambar sekadar hiasan... :P

Ermm....Marriage? Ermm...not me lah...My eldest brother will have his wedding day on this coming November 2008...Good for him cos he is the eldest one and ready to have his own family...Now, my grandma from my dad's side got the opportunity to see one of our sibling's wedding event..Last time I didn't manage to be in the group when they were doing the discussion with the future bride's family...*paham-paham lah bah....bincang itu tarikh kahwin and "ongkos"nya hahaha...Sorry brother, I'm busy with my work and got urgent tasks to finish up...Well, after working hours, I talked to my dad how was the discussion..He said that the discussion was good...Not so many arguments since both of the family are really tolerance..*siok owh kan kalo gitu....So..the info for the coming wedding are as below :-

Bride & Bridegroom
Mary & Mohd Khairul Nizam Jeffrey A. Hairy Abdullah

29th Of November 2008

Kampung Lajung, Kudat

Last but not least, congratulation to my eldest brother...By the way..5 of us and now need to minus 1...hahaha...4 to go....*jeng...*jeng...*jeng....

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