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Photo 1

This is mine..." Kollow Man Isi Ikan Goreng "

"Sup Isi Ikan Goreng" for Jimmy's and Bvrry's breakfast

Full view of my breakfast set

Bvrry and Jimmy who had breakfast with me this morning....

Hahahaha...this morning, me and my two other colleagues, Mr. Jimmy and Mr. Bvrry had our breakfast behind our office..It's a very well known place for those who like to eat "Sup Isi Ikan Goreng" or "Tom Yam Isi Ikan"....So..for those who want to try it...please come and try it yourself..The shop located at Inanam Business Centre...hahaha...~~PeaCe foR BreaKfasT

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  1. bubi..ko pikir bulihka makan banyak2 tu...lain kali bawa sy..

  2. Si jimmy tu ba..punya la lain suda. Anyway bobby, nama betul kollow mee tu is konlou mian. hehehe

  3. nel------>hehehe...sa tau kau mau join kan hehehehe

    mell----->hahaha yakah...sa hantam sija bai tu ejaan dia kahkahkahkaa