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BIM 2008 a.K.a Borneo International Marathon

As you all know that this event is near to the actual date and as for me I'm so excited cos my name already sent to the organizer (Big thanks to Mr. Jason)..Before you all misunderstood...hehehe..I'm not planning to join this marathon..I'm registered as a Volunteer on the day...For your information, some of o2c's members also will be around as volunteers also...hehehe...**~~Nama dirahsiakan atas sebab2 keselamatan hahaha...For more information regarding this event (BIM 2008), do check this link for your further info..Surf here Click Here

Well, this is not the first time for me as a volunteer..Before this I used to be a volunteer for such big event for example SUKMA (Sabah), 1000 voices - praise the lord (Stadium Likas)---->~~Last minute sa tarik diri..hahaha..so kira volunteer juga lah.....haha... and few more...(Terlampau banyak.....)..If you all ask about my feeling at this time, sure I will tell you that, I'm really excited and cannot wait for the day to come...I was thinking that where will be my position then..Things that running inside my head are, maybe I will be send to the Parking Department (***Hahaha..kaka lah ada department kan muahahaha)...Or maybe the organizer ask me to be a "Bell Boy" a.K.a "Body Guard"..hahaha...**alamak terlebih sudah nie haaha...tiapa bah kalo just imagine2 nie....hehe...So, anyhow, anyway hehe..we'll see how it goes then..~~Kita tunggu apa post yang dorang bagi sa.....

P/s---->To those who would like to guess what will be my position on that day, you all are most welcome to drop it inside my comment...hehe...~~PeaCe anD TunGguuuuuuu

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  1. Hahha sa tau post yg susuai utk ko bubby.. len kali ko jadi organizer chairman plak... amacam? ngam kaitu? atau ko jadi peserta merangkap volunteer jalah... baru ko buli rasa mcmana jd peserta plak.. ni volunteeer ja? *winkwink*

  2. reno---->hahaha...masiam sa mau volunteer buat CPR lai nie reno...mau pok silap sama tu amoi2 haahhaa