<< I'm On DieT >>

From the title itself, Yes, I'm on diet...hehe..Seriously...Due to some factors and health problem, I think I need to be on diet scheme...Well, I did dieting before and the result became worst...I became more fatter...hahaha....*Silap teknik urang bilang hahaha...My parents are keep worrying about myself..hehe...*katara anak manja kan....dush dush dush....They said my body became fatter than before...huh!!...*ya meh...masiam besa juga sa rasa ee....huh!! Whateverlah...normally peoples eyes are more accurate than our own right?...So, I don't give a damn la....Now, I forced myself to control my unwanted baggages and it would be great if I can remove them forever hehehe...(*Sambil imagine2 badan 6 pax nie hahaha)....So, you all just wait and see how's the progress ya...Currently my weight is 95/96kgs and my height is 166cms...lalalaa...Should be the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation problem for me hahaha....

So, as for the starting, I took this so called food supplement produced by DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd..Here are some of the informations about it :-

DXN Myco Veggie is a unique food supplement carefully prepared from the finest all-natural ingredients including vegetables, various mushrooms, Spirulina, green tea, mulberry leaf, ginkgo leaf, noni leaf, fruits, herbs and a selection of spices.

DXN Myco Veggie is low in fat, sugar-free, cholesterol-free and high in fibre, vitamin C, calcium and iron. It helps body detoxification by gently cleansing the digestive tracts and promoting waste elimination through bowels. It may also be used as a substitute for meals as part of a weight control program. Myco Veggie can increase your energy level and benefit your health in the long-run.

In order to make my plan success, I also took this syrup..We called it "Mengkudu" in Malay and in Bahasa Pasar "Please don't ask me"...hahaha...*nda bei..sa nda tau apa nama kampungan ni barang bah...Belowa are some of the informations about DXN Morinzyme :-

DXN Morinzyme is a fermented noni concentrate botanical beverage juice which contains all the natural enzymes produced from the fermentation process of noni concentrate. Enzymes are important for metabolism thus enhancing digestion, nutrient absorption and assisting in cellular regulations. In fact, life form would not exist without enzymes.

Last but not least, wish me luck for my dieting program ...hehehe...So, for those who have the same problem like me..Do start your responsibility...People said, Awareness is better than cure..hehe...~~PeaCe and seNtiasA SiHat...

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  2. Pastor brewer----->hehe..wah..no problem..what else you want to know about this product? Mind to drop your question here

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