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My Supportive colleagues

Some of the crowds on that night

Its me for the first time being the MC hahaha...

Happy family...They're my company's client

Foods and Cookies that was not enough for the crowds during the celebration hahahah

From another angle...

Half of the guests on that night..some of them need to stand outside the room...heehe.we didn't espect that there were too many people coming on that day..

It was last Saturday where we had an Raya Open Day at our company...hehe..It was a big successful for us for this event where we (Me and the other staffs) managed to handle this event till the end...A big clap to everyone especially to the staffs..hehe..Those staffs who read my blog, here I would like to say thank you so much for participating hehehe....As for me, that night was my first time as an MC...Not bad I think...haha...***Puji diri sendiri kai nie or can we called it self-confidents hahaha...ermm...apa2 je lah kan....Handling the crowds which are more than 200 peoples are not easy...That are not including the children who yelled with their clan at the back..really frustrating hehehe..well what to do..thats so called human being...Oklah, simple post from me...need to do some works here in the office...~~PeaCe and Busy Now