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Pictures above shows that two men are trying to make a transaction at my office last Saturday (11/10/2008-Afternoon around 13.30pm)..These two guys were believed tried to cheat our company by using few fake credit cards...The amount that involved for that un-successful transaction is RM1450.90 which carried along with a large total of products...**Nasib itu credit cards transactions rejected....kalo nda...lost profit sudah kami kan....Only until yesterday, our manager got call from our credit card's machine company which saying that there were few fake transaction made on last Saturday...So, from the internal info that I heard, the guys used a fake credit cards, fake home address and claimed that they're from Singapore...***Bahaya owh kan..So, as the consequnces ..hehee...sa punya responsible to gain all these pictures and videos from the cctv system....hahahaha....Itulah conclusion dia...sama kan sama itu title sa sono atas hahahaha...~~PeaCe

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  1. ya tembirang itu urg bobby, sia inda pernah nampak di spore pun..heeeee berhati2 la nasib alert staf2 kamu urg kan..2 thumbs up.

  2. urangranau----->yabah...nasib lagi itu transaction nda success kan hehehe