<< AstHma AtTacK AgAiN >>

My condition now is same like picture above....**SigH

Ermm...just an image to represent my condition at the moment...

Asthma descriptions : Asthma is a disorder affecting the airways of the lungs. People with asthma have very sensitive airways that narrow in response to certain "triggers", leading to difficulty in breathing. The airway narrowing is caused by inflammation and swelling of the airway lining, the tightening of the airway muscles, and the production of excess mucus. This results in a reduced airflow in and out of the lungs.

Bobby said :- *sigh....huh...Just to be honest with you all that I'm one of those "Asthma" ian clan..What to do right?...My family history tells that this some kind of health problem already exist since from our ancestors...My great grandmother, grandmother, my 2nd elder brother, elder sister, youngest sister, and some of my cousins also have this so called "Asthma"...ermm...My parents and my closed friend also advised me to take some additional alternative other than take the clinics and hospitals medicine..But, I refused to follow their advices...Some of them ask me to eat the crocodile meat, the big Bat (Mangkawot kaka dii kalo dusun ...hehehe)...Others said that I need to go to a place where I can get a fresh air....huh!!....and the worst is I don't have to use pillow at night when I'm sleeping...arghh....**Dush Dush DUsh......I think I can't do that...I need pillow if not, my night will be not as "peace" as usual...To those out there...I hope you all can give other advices on how can I heal my "Asthma"...~~PeaCe and May God BlesS You

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  1. dui gia daling sy...sy rasa kalo mo mengurangkan serangan asthma salah 1 cara dia is kurang2kan makanan berlemak mkn byk buah2an...heheh..

  2. tompok---->daling, itu mcm dieting sija tu hehehehe

  3. iya kah hahaha...coz sy nmpk tu pic ko Asthma Bronchiole mcm terlampau byk lemak so tu la sy tfikir makanan berlemak harus dia kurang2kan n mkn byk buah2an supaya sihant n tahan lapar...ehehhe...jan marah ahhh...

  4. tompok---->daling, hahahaha..tulah ko...itu sebab sesak nafas tu...hehe