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At last after waiting for almost 3 years, me and my family received her call on the Christmas Day last year (25th Of December 2008)..I don't know how to tell you all how I feel now but for sure I'm happy and thanks to God and to all of you who helped me to spread the news about my lost youngest sister...Yeah I know the date now is 20th of January 2009..Well, I decided to publish this after we confirmed and know the actual situation of my youngest sister...Sorry peeps cos I need to confirm it before do the posting regarding this.....I got the news somewhere around new year eve..My mom told me about it when she got a call from my youngest sister who wishing her a happy blessing Christmas Day...Ahhhh...now the problem solved..My mom said that my youngest sister will be back on this coming Harvesting Eve which is on May 2009...I looked deep from the expression of my mom's face, obviously, she looked so happy and she smiled and acted like a flying bird that freed from the cage...Now, we (me and my family) already know the news about my lost sister...From what my mom's said, my lost sister is somewhere in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur area with her fellow friends..She's working at a Saloon and paid around RM800 monthly..One thing that really touched my heart was when my mom told me that my youngest sister had the difficulty to get her monthly salary for few months (*goshhh....it really touched me)..Due to her age which obviously Under-Age, my youngest sister hardly to open a new account that her employer asked her to open...Without no choice, she tried to go to the bank (Maybank) that her employer asked her..When she reached there and want to do the registration, the bank's counter clerk cannot proceed her application due to her age...Huh!! *sigh...(Nda palah Dik, it was a lesson for you also...)..After trying for few days, weeks and months, my sister still can't open an account at Maybank...(*Kesian kan....)..So, she went to her employer and discussed about her problem..Thanks to god cos her employer really a helpful type of person..Her employer then asked my sister to open any bank account so that the company can bank-in her monthly salary...So, at last my sister managed to open a new account at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)..(*Nasiblah dik...kalo nda..ntah camana lah ko mau idup sono tu...)..I hope, my youngest sister really learned something from that...She also will sit for the July SPM examination cos she didn't take it this year...(*Tambah bah sa mau nangis...aiyaaaa....tulah bah ko Dik, never listened to me...Your future is more important bah....Sa marah2 ko selalu pun cos of your own good bah...I scolded you if you didn't go to school cos I concerned about your future..Thats what brother are for....aiyaaa...tiada guna sudah mengungkit...past is past kan...what to do then...)...I hope your promise to come back on May 2009 will be come true..Everyone love and miss you a lot...Especially our mom...I know you read my blog too and I think you will cos if not, how you know mom's new mobile phone number and call her on Christmas Day...Owh ya..if you got problem there, please let me know..I will give a hand then..I will give mom some money for your Air Flight ticket...Don't worry ya...Just contact us regarding your Air Flight ticket booking...See, eventhough you always made me mad but the truth is, you will always be my youngest sister..and I will always look after you and same goes to the others (our brothers & sister)..Again, we really hope you can come back and see us on this May 2009 as your promised to mom...Take care yourself there kio.....Jangan nakal2....And to those who helped me to spread the news regarding the lost of my youngest sister in your blog..Here I would like to say thank you so much and may god bless you and the rest of your family...AMIN..~~PeaCe and I'm reaLly2 HappY...

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  1. syukur la bobby...God Bless

  2. thanks god & what a touched writing by u! em semoga yr sis is ok whereever she is...beginilah kehidupan...always be strong in whatever situation! god bless!!

  3. bosing---->thanks bro

    Lumis---->ya bah mis...syukur juga kan..at last tau juga news dari dia

  4. ahh what a good news....syukur la akhirnya muncul juga adik ko... Thank God... :)

  5. pelangi---->ya bah daling...at last we found her...thanks god

  6. thank God, at last dapat berita gembira.

  7. good news..this is what we want!!

  8. Gregchai--->ya uncle..thanks to god...

    Clarence--->ya bah tompinai..it was a good news though...

  9. syukur la daling....GOD BLESS...sy betul2 terharu baca tadi oo...terkeluar airmata sy...huhuuu...pa2 pun ....syukur la sdh jumpa....Amen

  10. tompok--->ya bah daling..sa pun sedih the time bila my mom kasih tau ini cerita ttg adik sa...bikin sedih...tapi itu dugaan hidup dia juga bai tu and i hope it will be a big lesson for her...AMEN

  11. ba bagus la ba tu balik suda.. thanks god.

  12. mamaii---->ya bah mai...thanks to god kan...

  13. Bro, that's one of the best news for 2009! Thank God :)

    I'm sure she learn a lot, just give her time kio.

    Hey, si gurangak dakat seja sana tu bah.. bulih dia pi tingu tingu kadang - kadang kalau bukan selalu keke


  14. Dusun Aroma ---->Yeah bro hehehe..it's a good news for 2009...hehehehe...Thanks god again

  15. thanks to God for this news.. it was a touched one. As a brother to her, u already do ur responsibility bobby.. May God bless ur family and off course ur younger sister. :D

  16. Pirut--->I will always look after my family members bro especially the youngest one...I really care of them...Thanks for ur concerned ya bro...may god bless you and ur family too

  17. im happy for the finding of ur younger sis bro...God Bless..

  18. Syukur...... Amin. DIA mendengar DOA kita.

  19. syukur la ok suda dih.

    sa pun pernah mengalami gini baini tp skijap ja tu adik sa suda kastau d mana dia pigi. dia p kerja kilang printer saaaaaana Semenyih, Selangor.

    lepas dia balik, dia matang suda dih sikit2. bagus juga bei, dia dpt pengajaran sendiri. sapa tia sayang adik kan.

    bam cannot wait for Harvest Festival then. :)

  20. Bro Gee, Mahapson & Cicak--->thanks brothers... I'm speechless...I love you all my friends...Thanksss

  21. Syukur la kan Bobby. Good news for 2009 :)

  22. mell f---->ya bah mell hehehe...thanks arhh mell for ur support too...may god bless u

  23. Halelluyah .. Amen .... Syukur pada Tuhan ...

  24. gidong--->ya....bagus sa pasang lagu si alexandra burke kan dong hehehhe

  25. wah....great and thanked god..what a good news for u and us....

    hope she's well...

  26. wel--->ya bah bro...great news for 2009 tu kaka...hehhe...

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  28. Naval Langa---->hi bhai, hehehe...thanks for dropping by ya...do come again...sure I will visit your blog...don't worry

  29. What an amazing resolution to your sister's situation. Your family is truly blessed. It's nice to hear some good news from the world for a change, right?

  30. jamesosani--->thanks brother...yeah...it was good resolution indeed...hehehe...Thanks god...

  31. She'll be back for sure, it has been long since she has gone missing, and now she's coming back...cerita lama jan buka2 lagi...For now, let's just hope and pray that everything's gonna be fine...

    Welcome bobby...(sbb sa rasa ko thank you sama sa tu juga kan?) wakkakakaka....

  32. xigorx--->ya bah mesh...at least she will come back to the family and thats enough for sure..ya..sa juga mau ucap thanks sama ko kio bro....ko jugalah kawan bah hehehhe

  33. It's good to know that ur sister will coming back in may. Cuma sembahyang supaya tiada halangan untuk dia balik la... God Bless

  34. Joey Ronald---->ya bah joey hehehe..syukur juga pada tuhan kan...thanks bro

  35. Bob, I'm so touched by this story. Thank God your sister is ok.

  36. gogds--->thanks gogds...yala..it's a very touching indeed..That was all out story from me...no censored already...hehe..May god bless you