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What a pose....hahahha..during the Ping Pong match...

Me and Stanley played for the double

Me and my colleague, Mr. Bvvry

Me, Bvvry and my ex-schoolmate, Mr. Steve

From left : Me, Jufina, Robert and Jimmy

These pictures took during our badminton and Ping Pong match session at Beverlly Hills, Phase 5, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah..All of them are my colleagues and some of them are really my closed friends....There are Jimmy, Bvvry, Stanley a.K.a Aten, Robert, Richard, Cladius, Peter, Lawrence, Jufina, Anthony, Kennedy and few others....So, to those who want to join us..please contact me or leave your comments here...We start at 7:30pm until 10:00pm....*Lama kan hahahha...~~PeaCe

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  1. wah...ada si siou siou siou ow....bah lawan la kalau berani....

  2. whahaa mcm kuat ja c mesh, lawan la..beting lagi lalalala

  3. xigorx---->aiksssss....angkut bakul nie.!!!!!...bah, set time and date!!! hahaahhah

    Girllyen--->ya...villagemate ko tu wekekkekeke

    lumis---->beting 2 set kan lumis...hahahaha....pa macam?

  4. lumis--->haruslah teda masalah hahahahahaa