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The winner, Mohd Rifanzie

Rifanzie in action

Effarina, 2nd runner-up

Jenny Gausing, 4th place

Ferady Okuling, 5th place

Gideon Hilarius, 6th place


Jack Taisung, Finalist





Margerat Kibat, Finalist

Marleney, Finalist

Norbert, 1st runner-up

Pictures above took on 15th of May 2009 at DBKK Kaamatan Sugandoi Concert..I went there with a friend of mine, Ms. Tompok...There were so many crowds on that time...ermm...So crowded I mean...My main purpose is just want to take photos for the Sugandoi's finalists concert...I found that, most of the contestants are familiar to me...hahahaa...*kawan2 menyanyi juga bah...Actually the competition has been done at BB Cafe the week before..So, officially, this event was just a concert performs by the finalists and at the same time they're competing for the Best Vocal and the Popular title...So sorry cos I didn't manage to wait for the result..I was too tired on that time...After the winner sang his two songs, I then packed my gears and directly drove my car home....So tired bah...hehehe...So, I hope all of you enjoy the pics...~~PeaCe