<< SuganDoi KaaMataN KDCA 2009-FinaL >>

Congratulations to all the winners....

Agusta who represent for Tuaran


Danny F. Malinggi who represent for Tamparuli

Sehanisah Majilin who represent for Sook

Represent for Sandakan

Represent for Penampang

Georgia Joy who represent for Papar

Represent for Matunggong

Norbert who represent for Likas

Mohd Rifanzie who represent for Api-api

Photos took on 23rd of May 2009 during the Kaamatan's Sugandoi Finale at KDCA, Penampang...Thanks to Mr. Gogds...cos allowed me to "shoot" for the contestants during the event...It was fun taking pictures on that time...I met lots of my friends and also get to know new friends...hahaha...For the winners, I wish the best for all of you...~~PeaCe