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My Section at Likas Golf Driving Range..

The technic..

Looking forward for 250m hehe..I hope...

What a pose...hahaha

Placing the ball

We are discussing about the technics


Chit Chatting before starting the training

Pictures took on 6th Of June 2009 at Likas Golf Driving Range..My cousin called me early in the morning and asked me whether I want to join him for a training at Likas Golf Driving Range..I agreed and said I will be there in 40 minutes...There, I met another friend of us who also got training session on the same time..For your info, the fee wasn't that much..For day time, they will charge us Rm5 for 100 balls and for night time, they will charge us Rm10 for 100 balls...Quite cheap right..~~PeaCe..

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  1. more curve please.. body body!!

  2. putra--->hehehe....buekksss