<< Un-PubLisHed-->Esther OIAM anD MaLviN KaLBin >>

Esther Applunius Chin in action

Without editing..

Malvin Kalbin's Photo 1

Malvin Kalbin's Photo 2

Pictures above I took during the Kaamatan Sugandoi (Final) at KDCA Hall on last May 2009...Those pictures published with only watermark and without any adjustments...They are Esther Applunius Chin (OIAM) and Malvin Kalbin (Former Winner Sugandoi 2008)...Along with this post, here, I would like to say sorry cos a bit late to update my blog..For your information, I'm a bit busy these past few weeks..I will be more active once I complete all my matters first..Last but not least, thank you to all of you for still coming and supporting/reading my blog...I really appreaciate it..~~PeaCe

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  1. Lawalah tompinai! Great composition and timing!

    Steps mo pigi pro ni. ;)

  2. cicak-->tempinai..hehehe...still learning bai nie weekke

  3. the captured feeling tu yang mahal.. hehehe

  4. madarch-->hahaha..ya butul..tulah mau snap banyak kali tu hehehe