<< SabaH DraGon BoaT RaCe 2009 >>

Photographers at the tower

I'm Malaysian and I love Malaysia

Mother and son...

Throwing the dumpling...

What a nice gears...



Waiting for the result to be announce..

Mahapson and Mell....hahaha

Back view

One of the "shooter" on that day

Pictures took during the Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2009 (Last day)...The event held at Tanjung Lipat, Likas...At first, Me and a friend of mine decided to meet other photographer from Kuala Lumpur but due to some unwanted problem, we missed to meet them...It's ok, we still got another time...hehehe...The weather was good and a bit hot...Duhh...luckily I used my Sun Block Lotion..At least I can protect my body/skin from getting burn...There, I met few more other photographers such as Freddie, Mell, Mesh, Jr, Mahapson, Gidong, and to name a few...Owhh ya..thanks to our friend, Olumis and Bosing for the food and official tag...*Siok kan kalo ada kawan2 gini..sinang jak progress ambil gambar...heheh..thanks again...Last but not least, I'm happy to be at the Dragon Boat Race..I've learned lots of things and saw few sophisticated gears (Cameras and lenses)...~~PeaCe

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  1. girllyen-->tulah ko tia pigi..opsss ko karaja pula itu time kan..sian owhh hehehe...next other time lah

  2. i was there on saturday only for short while... saw jr, ramesh & the gang from far2 away.. mangkali ada ber'langgar' jg kita if it's sunday.. :)

  3. woit tompinai. sa x dpt d gia pigi ni. ada '1st year grandpa passing' gia d kampung.

    next time kalau ada lagi, arap2 dpt jumpa la.
    siuk oh kamurang kan.

    punya panjang tu lens yg mcm bazooka tu. gila lah.

  4. madarch-->owh..didn't see u there...hehe...yalah..mungkin ada juga talimpas-limpas kan heheh

    cicak-->oic..inda pa bai tu..next year ada lagi tu heheheh

  5. tu throwing d dumpling bah, buli hantar sama DBKK ni gambar.. membuang sampah merata-rata.. hahaha

  6. kuai--->hahaha...butul butul....kita kasih sibar di Daily Express kan..maciam? hahahaa

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