<< My YounGest SiStEr BiRthDay ParTy >>

My beloved dad and mum

My "Jajal" nephew...

My cousin, Mr. Roger

My cousin and her husband, Mr. Jason and Mrs. Jojie

This is my family

My uncle, Mr. Joubit Yassin

My cousins, Mr. Charles Applunius Chin and Mr. Angku

My cousin and my beloved grandma, Mr. Joy Moiby and Mrs. Juniah Lagob

Other relative, Mr. Ibob

Cousins, Mr. Iki and Mr. Charles Applunius Chin

Hehehe...Cousins and my eldest sister
From left :- Jojie, Mimie and Ita

Bunches of friends
From left:-Bvvry, Poul, Stanley and Jimmy

Photos took on 27th Of June 2009..It was my youngest sister birthday party for her 18 years old of age..Here I would like to say thank you to all my friends who managed to attend this party..Among them are, Mahapson, Pirut, Hanif, Jimmy, Bvvry, Stanley, Poul, Dunstan, Sabinus, and many more (*You know who you are....kehkehkehekhe)...It was really happening on that time..Owh ya, thanks too to all my family members who also came on that day...Doesn't care whether you are from my dad's side or from my mom's side...I hope all of you who came on that day had a fun time with us...~~PeaCe

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