<< My 20o8's GoaL SetTingS >>

Well..today I just think that..maybe I should do this..stating for my goals which I need to accomplish before 2008 end. So, I made it in a graphical mode which I already put it in the right sidebar in my blog. So, 7 most things that I need to look after for the year of 2008.
1. Clear-up all my debts----> I believed that most of us do have financial problem.Well for me, I still remember all my debts. This is including whether among your family members, organizations or even with your closed friends. I believed that I will settle it down before April 2008
2. Finish up my new house + renovation----> This is all about my new house progress. Since October 2007, I stop the progress because some of the financial causes (Habis...duit bah...so, kana stop dulu the progress). Some people said that we cannot force ourselves to do something where our ability is limited..ahakss
3. Buy a new laptop---> Some people may think that this is not important. I cannot blame them because of that. So, here as I am concern about my job in IT field forced me to have a better or latest version of laptop. Quite nonsense but those who are in IT field will understand this matter.
4. Buy a new phone----> When we talk about mobile phone, yes it is very important. Refer to the online statistic regarding mobile phone shows that people around the world decided to change their phone version/model after used it 2 or 3 years..(sia pakai hp sia mau dakat 4 tahun sudah...sudah masanya mau tukar)...hehe..Well, logically its true in my opinion.
5. Upgrading my workstation (pc)----> This is because of my job scope, part-time job and some other causes which related to pc matters. Same like mobile phone, we need to upgrade our workstation so that our job will flow easily and smooth indeed. For your information, I do have part-time job such as Video Editing, Graphic Designing and to name a few....and this things is the reason why i need to upgrade my workstation.
6. Save money in the bank----> Quite funny rite..heheh..but heyy...who cares, this is my life and my blog, I can say anything as long it didn't break the rules..ahakss...Honestly, every month I just can save few couples of bugs in my account...hehe..I have CIMB, BSN and MAYBANK...Year of 2008, I promised to myself that I will increase my saving for my future...(sia barjanji..hehehe)
7. Reduce night clubbing----> Ermm...lol...So here in the public..I promised that I will reduce to have fun at night time..Not retire drastically but step by step....I found that this is the main problem in my life..and I decided to decreased this activity....hehehe

So, there are the things that I need to achieve in the year of 2008...Do remind that it will not finish by following the chronological step but it depends to the situation..who knows rite.. For my friends, you can do your own goal settings as if its important to yourself...