<< TiReD And SicK >>

Today, I felt so tired and so weak...I don't know why and for sure one thing, I think it because due to my outstation trip to Tawau, Beaufort and Keningau last week..I will update my blog a bit slow cos I feel not really good after the outstation trip.
This morning I went to Q.E.H to get my ASTHMA's medicines.Thanks to my best buddy, Mr. Arteo for being so kind to help me especially for the lunch...hahahahah...edediiii------>sakit2 pun mau katawa barabisan kan...huhuhuhu
Ermm...forgot already what the Pharmacist's gave me...If I'm not mistaken 4 types of medicines lah...will state it tonight kio....edeiii jam 5 udah....need to pack my stuff as I need to go home earlier today....

P/s : Bro Arteo, thanks ya for helping me today..heheh..:P