<< I'm WorkiNg On SunDay..*SigH >>

It's me...ehehehe

A bit slim....kan!!! hehehe

Having rest....

Having rest after a long observation...*Panat bah berdiri hehehe

Close-up front line

Some of my colleagues was busy doing the registration

Our manager is looking at her text...

It was yesterday (Sunday), where I need to work the whole day at Tang Dynasty Hotel, Kota Kinabalu...It was our company function...My job was setting and arranging the slide presentation and also the devices...It sounds easy, but, trust me that it really frustrating and tiring...At the same time, I did the photographing also...So, no time to sit and resting..I need to stand stoodly all the time...Went here and there to take pictures/photos...Makesure the slides and the devices in ready mode and to name a few....huh!!!! It was really a tiring day...We started there at about 11:30am and finished at about 6:00pm...I reached home at about 7:30pm after had my dinner with my colleague..I took my bath and went to the bed and sleep smoothly hahahahaha...~~PeaCe...

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  1. kenny ngu--->hehehe..biasalah kalo ada function di hotel...kena kemas lah hehehe