<< BoBby At KENTE Heat 5 >>

This was when I sang "Masih" by Flop Poppy

Eye contact with the audience

Photoshoot at the backstage

Reach to the hi-pitch...hahaha

Close your eyes when you want to feel the song...

Shinny is it?...hahaha

Full frame on stage

Me and my makeuper...hehehe Ms. Tompok

Yihaa...These pictures taken during the KE Next Top Entertainer (KENTE) heat 5....Started at about 8:30pm at Pusakag Cafe, Dongongon, Penampang Kota Kinabalu....Firstly, I want to say thank you to all my friends for the support and for coming too...Sorry cos I didn't manage to make it to the final...hehehe..Abviously, there were lots of good singers on that night...By the way, I had a very wonderfull experience..I met few new friends and that was good though...Lastly, I think this is not the last competition for me..I will join it again...and for sure..I will ahhahahaha...Owh ya, I would like to say congratulations to those who made to the final round...Just do your best and I will support all of you my friends...Again, may god bless all of us...~~PeaCe

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  1. ya! jgan putus asa! ko ada talent ba boby ..hehe jgn kasi sia2 tu bakat ..!

  2. lumis--->kekeke....ya sa dingar advice ko nie...sa terima comments dari Monica Ongkosing, Diana, and cosmas hehehe...akan perbaiki diri

  3. Ya bro, jgn putus asa and keep improving ^_^

  4. defoo--->uiksss tatap nie...mimang nda akan putus asa hahahaha

  5. jan susah n jan putus asa daling ..ada lagi tu peluang tunggu ko daling...mesti ada tu.....

  6. tompok--->thanks daling hehehehe...misti ada peluang juga tu kan nanti...hehehe

  7. Wah hebat si BoBby berbakat bah kau nii... yang penting jangan putus asa :D

  8. etavasi--->hehehehe...sa pi cuba2 sija bai tu hehehee...tambah pengalaman org bilang