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Some of the crowds...

Huh...Jimmy (My Colleague)....*Ada juga kunun dia..bilang pulang turus...hahahha

too many peoples in front of me on that time...can't take a closer picture then..

The hotel where the deceased found..

Bobby said :- Yes...I was there when the police doing their work to investigate the case..Actually, I was on my way to the BSN to withdraw some money..but, then again I decided to look what was happened at the other building..next to the BSN....ermm...below are the articles which I grabbed at Daily Express Online...

Kota Kinabalu: Hotel workers were shocked to find the body of an Indonesian woman wrapped in a bloody bedsheet in her room in Inanam town, near here, Saturday.

They alerted the police who rushed a team to the hotel and they found multiple stab wounds on the chest and neck of the woman, identified as Rokayah Ismail, in her 30s.

Acting City Police Chief, Supt Rowell Marong said the woman was supposed to check out from her third-floor room at about noon, prompting the staff to check on her when she failed to return the key.

"After several unanswered knocks on the door, they opened the door and found the body wrapped in the bedsheet and lying on the bed," he said, adding police were informed about the matter shortly after 1pm.

He said the woman had checked in at about 5pm the previous day, and that hotel staff saw a man leaving her room at about midnight.

The forensics unit from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital told police that the woman had been dead for about 12 hours, he said.

Police found over RM100 in her pocket, a bracelet on her ankle, passport and a work pass, which expires in November.

Rowell also disclosed that police will retrieve the recordings of a closed-circuit television camera of a hardware shop next to the hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of visitors to the hotel, but pointed out the camera was faced towards the shop.

He said police have yet to establish the motive of the killing, adding investigations have been framed under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Also present at the scene were Sabah Deputy Officer in-Charge of Crime Investigations ACP Ahmad Lotfi Khalid and State D9 Staff Officer Supt Haji Khalil.

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