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Batu Kawah

"Tangkuban Perahu" Volcano

Jakarta at night

Bandung at night

Whoohoo...at last I've the opportunity to go to Jakarta this coming 9th of May 2009, Saturday..Pictures above are some of the places that I will visit...(*I really hope)..Will consider this trip as my unforgettable trip ever...I hope..*Finger crossed...hahaaha....Actually this trip planned over a month ago where few friends of mine invited me to visit Jakarta + Bandung...My trip will be cover Jakarta and Bandung...Here with me, I've the schedule of activities already..So means everything is well arranged....From Kota Kinabalu to Jakarta, I'm using Air Asia services..Hopefully, there will be no problem during my flight... *finger crossed again..ahaksss..My flight will be on night time and it will takes about 2 hours plus to reach at Jakarta's Airport...I've few friends waiting for me at the airport on that time...huhuhu...That's good right...Thanks to them...and I can't wait to meet them also...So, for all my readers, do pray for my safety as I'm going there alone by myself from KK, Sabah, Malaysia....Last but not least, I will try to update my blog also if I got the chance at Jakarta...~~PeaCe

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  1. seronok lah kau tu.....bulan anam aku mai KK...huarghhh

  2. de_kerinchi--->haruslah seronok hehehehe...owh ko dtg bulan enam ka? wahhhhh...best nie...kalo free leh jumpa nie ahahahaha

  3. wah.. ada kawan pula ko sana indon kan bobby? hehe.. nanti kasi tau kawan ko kalau ada kawan ko p sana dari sabah.. nanti suruh durang juga tunggu sana airport ah.. hehe.. mana tau? hehe

  4. pirut--->haruslah ada kawan...hheheheh..bah bbkk....hehehhe